First Post

January is once more upon us and as I am just sitting back, relaxing , which seems like never, I am reflecting on this die-hard paddlers season.

The year ended with a huge point in my life.. I was accepted as a coach for Kauai High School paddle team. The interview was.. well , I am sure more strange for the athletic director them for myself.. I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable asking questions, especially “how I was to coach, paddle, when I cannot see.”

It has now been over twenty years since losing my sight, I am what they call a total.. which means no light perception, about ten percent of blind in the country are totals. I guess I forget that I am different from most who paddleoutrigger canoes.

I have been truly blessed to have been surrounded by paddlers who have accepted, taught and instilled in me the hard work required to be a competitive paddler.

I know it has it has brought attention to me, that i feel awkward about at times. I also know that if I can inspire those who believe that this or that is impossible.. then I say, if can can.. if no can, try harder brah.

Ann Mceveety Allen 2014